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Dr. Rosie Milligan


CEO, is a Senior Financial/Estate Planner and holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration. Dr. Milligan has served the Los Angeles Community for forty-plus years in business and estate planning. She lectures nationwide and is author of two best-selling books—What You Need To Know Before You Start A Business and Getting Out Of Debt Made Simple.


Darrel Mitchell, II

Darrell Mitchell, II is a credit consultant, author, actor, radio personality, motivational speaker and CEO of DM InK Publishing Company. He was recently appointed vice president of BWOT; he is the top salesperson with the company and has been coined as the marketing “Guru.”


Mr. L. C. Green

Mr. L. C. Green, a thirty-year veteran in the business and tax profession. As a business/tax consultant, he provides services to some of the most prestigious businesses. He lectures nationwide. He has authored ten books and co-authored with the renowned Les Brown and Dr. George Fraser.


Gayle Dickerson

Gayle Dickerson has twenty-six years of experience in the bookkeeping business. She is an authorized E-File Provider for the IRS, a Finger Print Roller for FBI/DOJ and a Commissioned Notary.

Who We Are

LA Credit Consultants is one of Los Angeles’s leading Credit Restoration companies and provides service to clients nationwide. We help clients restore credit and rebuild credit. We host a FREE weekly seminar on Credit Restoration and Debt Elimination, as well as provide free consultation.

If your credit scores have fallen during the economic depression, you are not alone. More than 43 million Americans have less than a 599 credit score.

It’s never too late to change your financial situation. You have already taken the first step by looking at the options available to you. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can help you raise your credit scores, restore your credit, and eliminate debts. Call us today to get started 213-537-3073

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